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Open Range Welding Cap

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Protect your noggin with the rugged sophistication of Open Range Welding Cap.

The Open Range Welding Cap is the ideal companion for any industrial worker. The cap has been designed with high-quality cotton that are durable and reliable, promising longevity in every use. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry around without causing any discomfort or hindrance during work hours. The innovative design of this welding cap ensures maximum protection from sparks, debris and other occupational hazards while maintaining a stylish look overall. This versatile accessory can be worn as both a headgear or neck guard making it more functional than just another regular cap - all you need is to set your imagination free! Whether you're working at high temperatures or navigating through tight spaces, the Open Range Welding Cap offers excellent coverage for complete safety against all odds!

  • The Open Range Welding Cap is made with high-quality cottonthat provide maximum protection and durability for welders
  • The cap's breathable fabric helps to prevent overheating and sweating, keeping welders cool and dry throughout their workday