Welding Cap Size, Depth & Brim Info

How to Measure for Size, Depth and Brim Length 

Hat Size Measurements:

  • 7 - 22 1/8" 
  •  7 1/8 - 22 1/2" 
  •  7 1/4 - 23" 
  •  7 3/8 - 23 3/8"
  • 7 1/2 - 23 3/4" 
  •  7 5/8 - 24" 
  •  7 3/4 - 24 1/4" 
  •  7 7/8 - 25

The measurements above are the exact finished measurement of the band at the time the hat is complete. As with most cotton fabrics there is some stretch, and it does vary from on fabric to another. 

If you are between sizes use the size closest to your actual measurement. 

If you prefer, I am happy to provide custom measurements to the nearest 1/8th inch for size (and 1/4" for depth and brim as explained below).

Hat Depth Measurements:

In the past depth has been labeled 'high crown' or 'low crown'. I don't do that, you have more choices here at HD Welding Hats, so you and I are now referring to it as 'depth'. The meaning is the same, how far down the hat pulls at the ear. It's a matter of skull size and personal preference - everyone is different and has their own personal preference, and now you have more choices.

6" depth is the shortest cap I make and is measured from TDC to the bottom edge of the band at the ear. You need to ask for this measurement in the text box and is not available on Pipeliner Fancy caps, welding caps with sweatbands or FR Brim.

6 1/2" would be considered the "short crown" and often fits to the top edge of the ear. Again, everyone is different it may not fit you that way.

7" is very popular - mid way between the short and high crown. Again, from TDC of the cap to the bottom edge of the band at the ear.

7 1/2" would be the 'high crown" and meant to cover the top half of the ear. This is a generalization and may not fit you that way. 

8" is the newest offering and typically needed for clients that have a hat size 7 5/8 and larger. You are always free to choose what you need. There's no right or wrong answer. 

Brim Length Measurements: 

2" - this is the shortest available. Order this if you wear a smaller size, have a shorter than average neck or don't need the brim in your way.

2 1/2" - this has been my standard brim length for decades. It works for nearly everyone. Order this if you aren't sure.

3" - this is popular, and provides good coverage of ear and neck without being in the way. 

3 1/2" - if you prefer a longer brim this is the one. 

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Custom Measurements:

Almost every welding cap page has a text box for Custom Requests - use this for custom measurements of size, depth or brim length. No extra charge for this. Size to the nearest 1/8", depth to the nearest 1/4" and brim to the nearest 1/4".  Sewing is not an exact science, fabric has 'give' and stretches. Do try a standard size, depth and brim before customizing. That way we are both 'on the same page' when making alterations for the next one. Returns are always accepted, replacements are always free.