Sweatband Options for Your Welding Caps

Welding Cap Sweatbands

I appreciate that clients prefer American made as much as possible. Like the solid colored fabrics, the sweatband fabric is Akas Textiles & Laminations absorbent microfiber terry, made in the USA. For more info about this company visit www.akastex.com.

I've tried many different types of absorbent fabrics and this one is the best by far. It is not 100% cotton, it is 75% polyester/25% polyurethane. Highly absorbent and placed between the fabric pieces so it isn't exposed to your skin or sparks. 

After the welding cap is completed I use multiple sets of triple stitches on the band to keep the inner layer of microfiber from shifting and twisting during the life of washing and wearing. 

Microfiber Sweatband Fabric - HD Welding Hats  Microfiber Option


A 100% Cotton option is available as well. This is the same sweatband that is available in the Pipeliner Fancy welding caps. Strong, flexible and less bulky than the microfiber choice. 

Cotton Sweatband - HD Welding Hats Cotton Option


Several clients choose the Microfiber option not only as a sweatband but also a protective layer from the potential pinch of the welding hood and hard hat head gear. 

The microfiber choice is slightly thicker than the cotton, but out performs the cotton both damp or dry.