Order Schedule

Every client is sent an Order Confirmation email message. These are sent automatically when you complete the ordering process.

When I update the Order Schedule I personally send a standard email message to every client with Order Number in the subject line, and a link to this page notifying you that your order is scheduled. 

If you did not get either of those messages, check the Spam Folder or, I do not have the correct email address for you. Have no fear, contact me and let me know. Your order will still be scheduled, made and shipped.

Once your order is made and packaged for shipping another message is sent with package tracking number. This message is sent as soon as I click 'order compete' at the computer. 

Regarding UPS: During Winter months I will be delivering packages to the local UPS Pick Up on Tuesdays and Thursdays weather permitting.  

Scroll to view dates below the window.

I understand that getting new welding caps is awesome. 

Especially if the only thing you can find locally is the ones that shrink the first time you wash them. 

It might be frustrating that you have to wait weeks for your order to arrive at your door. I'll be the first one to admit that I've grown accustomed to Amazon and other big box stores being able to get my stuff to me in 2 days- but guess what - None of those big box items are custom made to your specs, by hand, one at a time. 

Try to get a custom pair of boots made and you will be waiting awhile. 

Have patience. It will be worth it.