Cap Embroidery Info

The embroidery fonts you order for your new welding caps are setup and stitched in house. I have one embroidery machine (that can sew as a backup) and one sewing machine for daily use. 

Typically I use standard black thread or white thread for embroidered text - if you have a color preference feel free to let me know. No charge. 

The welding caps with embroidery as a main feature of the cap, ie: the Middle Finger and Election caps are also embroidered in house. 

The threads used for embroidery may be rayon or polyester. Either way each thread type is colorful, strong and easy care. You can machine wash and dry every cap. 

If you would like a logo or other design digitized to be used as embroidery that image will be outsourced to a reputable US company. The average charge for that is 35$ per image and you retain all rights to the finished electronic file. 

If you have an electronic file for machine embroidery already I can sew it on caps. Normally it will cost approximately 6$ per cap unless it's time intensive, then a bit more.

Important: Embroidery Location*

Center Front is above the brim for reference 

Center Back is opposite the brim

Center Left is where the USA tag is normally place

Center Right opposite the USA flag location  

I use these references only so we are both on the same page when you choose your selection.

If you choose the Center Left location I can put the Made in the USA label on the center right side.

There is a limit of 6" in length for text. The more letters used the smaller the text is going to have to be to fit.