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Welcome to High Desert Welding Hats & Caps

Thank you for visiting High Desert Welding Hats 

  • where you can choose from over 175 cotton prints and solid colored fabrics.
  • all standard sizes, custom sizes at no extra charge; 
  • 4 standard depth (high crown, low crown and in between);
  • embroidery and other custom work to meet your style and needs. 
  • Get the welding cap you need at a fair price. 
  • Free shipping on all US Address Orders.
  • Easy returns and exchanges are also done - free return shipping as well.
Each cap is six panel, reversible with band and flexible brim. 
If there is anything you can't find be sure to let  me know. I am happy to do special orders and other custom work - usually at no extra charge.

You can get a cheaper welding cap, but do you really want a cheaper welding cap?

Thank you and if you have any questions feel free to call or message me. Phone number at the bottom right hand corner of every page; Contact Form at the top of every page.
Have a great day!

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Free Shipping for US Based Orders! 

Just one more way you get a better deal from High Desert Welding Hats. 

First Class up to 5 welding caps; Priority Mail for 6+ caps

*International and other options are heavily discounted

You need a few welding hats. Doesn't matter what they look like, and you want a great price. 

I have just the thing for you! Value Pack Deals - $12.99 per cap or less & Free USPS shipping right to your door! 

You still get a great welder's cap but we choose the fabric print. 

No hassle - Great Deal! 

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News and Updates

Introducing the Biker Caps

08/16/2015 11:54:00 PM:
Here is a first look at the Biker Caps from High Desert Welding hats. Probably the best cap we've ev...

Inventory Update

08/05/2015 01:37:10 AM:
Several welding caps have inventory restocks and updates

Closed Last Week August

07/27/2015 02:29:32 AM:
High Desert Welding Hats will be closed the last week of August.

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