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Thank you stopping in! Grab a soda, some coffee, a beer or maybe something to a bit stronger. Take your time and check out the great variety of custom welder's hats and caps I custom make specifically for the welding community.

I make 6 Panel, reversible, 100% Cotton welding hats in regular and custom sizes. All fabrics are pre-shrunk top of the line materials and sewn with the professional experience you have come to expect.

All welder's caps are fully guaranteed for fit and quality. If you ever have a question or need a different size you will be treated with prompt and courteous service at all times.

Orders are currently shipping within 2 business days! Place an order by December 15th to be sure it is shipped in time to arrive for Christmas Eve.
* All Gift Certificates are 10% off through January 1, 2015! 
* Free Priority Mail Shipping within the USA is FREE for orders of 6+ welder's caps.
* Free First Class shipping for orders of 6+ welder's caps shipped overseas.

Thank you and if you have any questions feel free to call or message me. Phone number at the bottom right hand corner of every page; Contact Form at the top of every page.
Have a great day!

RoxAnne Johnson Owner/Operator 


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